We believe that children are God’s greatest miracles! There is nothing more magical than experiencing the world through the eyes of our children. Their first giggle at a silly face; their look of pride when they take their first steps; their sense of wonder at the way a flower blooms, or the way sand feels when it streams between their fingers.

Children’s lives are constant cycles of curiosity, discovery, silliness, laughter, playfulness, and fantasy. Perhaps no one understood this better than author Theodore Seuss Geisell, who wrote under the pen name of Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss created many fantastic characters and wrapped life’s lessons in silly and rhyming words so they’d easily and memorably slip off tongues. In the process, he also helped millions of children learn how to read, helped them explore the wonderful possibilities of their imaginations, and taught them to appreciate their differences and individualities.

Our motto here at East Cobb Prep is “You’re off to great places!” It’s a sentence from one of Dr. Seuss’ most beloved books, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! We chose this motto because of the boundless number of great places our children are off to each day. These great places can be anywhere, such as their classrooms filled with their friends and loving teachers, the imaginary lands in their story books, or the fun and exciting trips they take with their families.

On a larger scale, it is the future that awaits these young and precious individuals. The great places they eventually choose to go will be touched by their footprints and last a lifetime. It is our pleasure at East Cobb Prep to help shape the course of such a wonderful and amazing journey!